3.1: Ghost Light

On the eve of the opening night of their play, playwrights Ilya and Ross argue about who should fix the problem spotlight in their theatre, the purpose of art, and whether or not tour groups about the ghostly nature should really be allowed in the theatre before opening night.

Content warnings for this episode are: Intense arguing and implied death

Transcript link. Made by Round 3, Group 1: Sunrise

This episode was written by Newton Schottelkotte and edited by C.V.V.M. It was directed by Jacqueline Cho, with dialogue editing by Lindsay Zana and sound design by Aemyn Connolly. Music was made by Aemyn Connolly. The Tour Guide was played by Ari Delyne, Tourists 1 and 2 were played by C.V.V.M, Ross was played by Marnie Warner, and Ilya was played by Lindsay Zana