3.4: To Dream Once More

A questing hero is in desperate need of someone to help them on their quest, and is in luck when a stranger appears to help them out. But like any good tale, they're going to need a lot more help to find the god of this forest...

Content warnings for this episode are: magical violence, and life-threatening situations

Transcript Link. Made by Round 3, Group 4: The Bleary Eyes

This episode of Hubris, To Dream Once More, was written by Ali Hylton and H. Bee Sparra and edited by Lee Davis-Thalbourne. It was directed by David Alexander, with dialogue editing by Nikko Goldstein, sound design by Kathryn Stanley, music made by Ali Hylton, and transcripts completed by Lee Davis-Thalbourne. Finley Lionheart was played by H. Bee Sparra, Nesrin Zemira was played by Nikko Goldstein, Griffzar One was played by Kathryn Stanley, Griffzar Two was played by Sean Lenhart, The Moss Giant was played by Sean Lenhart, The Water Nymph was played by Kathryn Stanley, and the Narrator and Credits voice was Lee Davis-Thalbourne.