1.3: Just Wait for Dawn

Sometimes you think you're alone in the building, working all night, facing a deadline come morning. And then sometimes, the deadline is... surprisingly literal. Four unlikely companions face uncertainty together while the world falls apart around them in the last few minutes before dawn. Not for the faint of heart.

Content warnings - Sirens, screams, explosions, depictions of violence and gore, and themes of horror. This episode is designed to be listened to on headphones or stereo speakers.

Transcript here.

Made by Round 1, Group 3: Hey You

Writer - Evan Tess Murray. Script Editor - Ishani Kanetkar. Director - Ishani Kanetkar. Dialogue Editor - Philomena Sherwood. Sound Designer - Brad Colbroock. Composer - Philomena Sherwood. Transcriber - Evan Tess Murray. Voice Actors - Anthony was voiced by Evan Tess Murray, Rain was voiced by Brad Colbroock, Charlie was voiced by Philomena Sherwood, and Priyanka was voiced by Ishani Kanetkar.