1.2: Exit, Pursued by a Ghost

An understudy is tasked with learning the lead role overnight before making their big debut. The trouble is, that’s a bit difficult to do when the theatre is distractingly haunted...will the ghosts help or hinder their attempts to get off-book?

Content warnings - some swearing and sword fighting sounds.

Transcript here.

Made by Round 1, Group 2: The Audrey-2s

Writers - Caroline Mincks, Molly Alexander. Script Editors - Caroline Mincks, Molly Alexander. Director - Cole Burkhardt. Dialogue Editor - Cole Burkhardt. Sound Designer - Trace Callahan. Composer - Trace Callahan. Transcriber - Caroline Mincks. Voice Actors - Cassie Hayes was voiced by Molly Alexander, Daniel Proctor was voiced by Cole Burkhardt, Ms. Torres was voiced by Trace Callahan, and Cecily Wolverhampton and Stage Manager Tabitha were voiced by Caroline Mincks.