5.2: The Dreamscape Highway

Round 5, Team 2: Gloopin The Third

Transcript here.

In the endless dusk of the Dreamscape, two unlikely companions search for answers in the mind of a beefslinger.

Content Warnings: Squishing, Squelching, Schlooping, Vehicle Collisions, Sudden Impacts, and Light Body Horror

This episode was written by Max Kreisky and edited by Milo Jordan. It was directed by Angela Yih, with dialogue editing by Greg Carrobis and sound design by Brad Colbrook. Music was made by Aemyn Connolly. The transcript was done by Nzingha Primus. Cameron was played by Angela Yih. Valentine was played by Greg Carrobis. The Radio was played by Aemyn Connolly. Doran was played by Milo Jordan. Sage was played by Max Kreisky. Additional characters played by the cast.