1.5: Idle Eternity

A found family of five vampires (and their vampire pup) pull an all-day-er on their family vacation to visit all the best tourist traps in Paris.

Transcript here.

Made by Round 1, Group 5: DELTA

Writer - Leslie Gideon. Script Editor - David Orión Pena. Director - Tal Minear. Dialogue Editor - David Orión Pena. Sound Designer - Tal Minear. Composer - Erin Kyan. Transcriber - Tal Minear and Leslie Gideon. Voice Actors - Ray was voiced by Tal Minear, Jaxon was voiced by Erin Kyan, Jun was voiced by Ari Delyne, Oscar was voiced by David Orión Pena, and Gisela was voiced by Leslie Gideon.