4.2: Tall Order

After their last heist goes awry, a team of Special Little Guys attempts to steal an antique chandelier from a bank lobby. Things do not go as planned.

Content Warnings include loud noises, mention of death, mild peril, and heights.

Transcript Link. Made by Round 4, Group 2: Alarm Clocks

This episode was written by Evan Tess Murray and Ezra J. Wayne with script editing by Lee Davis-Thalbourne. It was directed by Madelyn Dorta, with dialogue editing by Nikko Goldstein and sound design by Trevor Van Winkle. Music was composed and produced by Kai C. The transcript was completed by Steven Goldman. Calvin, The Boss Guy, was played by Ezra J Wayne, Jeff, the One Damn Time Guy, was played by Lee Davis-Thalbourne, Alphonse, the Muscle Guy, was played by Steven Goldman, Quinn, the Tech Guy, was played by Nikko Goldstein, Lillian, the Security Guy, was played by Madelyn Dorta, and Vincent, the Villain Guy, was played by Evan Tess Murray.